For many denture wearers, dentures can feel like a constant source of anxiety. You can’t chew well. You don’t know when they are randomly going to dislodge or worse yet, fall out. Will it happen at dinner, with your friends or grandkids? You have constant sore spots. They don’t look natural. They don’t feel normal. They don’t inspire confidence.

For those looking at transitioning into dentures, they know all too well the stigma dentures hold-not fitting well, functioning well, or looking natural. At Dupont Family Dentistry we were having patients come in and report these same complaints time and time again. They had lost hope for their smile. As dental clinicians, we had lost hope in the traditional denture process. We knew we had to do something different, so we did.

New Hope Digital Dentures 

We knew we had to do something different for our patients. So we created New Hope Digital Dentures, a totally revolutionary way of doing dentures, with superior results to the traditional model. 

Here’s What You Can Expect With New Hope Digital Dentures

Includes every diagnostic appointment, X-ray images, and 4 follow-up post-delivery appointments*. We also have many financing options for you if needed. 

*For any adjustments needed

It will take us 2-4 visits to create your new dentures. Each of those appointments will be around an hour. Challenging cases or cases without existing dentures may take more. You will have your new denture in 4-6 weeks.

What Makes our Process Different 

  1. 3D Technology
  2. In-House Lab
  3. Fewer Appointments

We utilize modern 3D imaging camera technology and CAD/CAM software to take digital impressions and design your denture. By utilizing this technology we are able to lessen the steps you would have in the traditional process. The use of the technology lessens the human error involved in making a denture by following a specific computer formulated algorithm. At your first appointment we will have an idea of how well we can get a denture to work for you.  This way we can provide a superior level of accuracy and precision for the fit of your denture. This means you can have a denture that fits well, looks great and functions effectively, without multiple appointments and fittings.

We craft each denture in our in-house lab. The technician who creates your denture will be present at your appointment to let you know your options, answer your questions, and make suggestions on what will be the best for you. We find that having the technician get to meet you and listen and truly understand your goals allows us to create a denture that appears, fits, and functions similarly to your original teeth. Having the technician involved in the process delivers much better results than if we would send to a lab to have created by a person who has never looked at your face in person. It also allows you to be a vital part of the customization process, leading to a denture you love. 

The use of the technology lessens the human error involved in making a denture by following a specific computer-formulated algorithm. Our lab technician uses 3D technology and software to omit steps that would typically be appointments in the traditional denture process. Since we are able to get such a better fit and function with using the traditional denture process we find that the post-op appointments are typically less or not needed at all.