Oral Surgery

No one loves the idea of any surgery, but there are times when it can’t be avoided. Fortunately, you’re in good hands with Dr. Diehl, Dr. Feasel, and Dr. Ghori!


Dupont Family Dentistry will try to save your natural teeth if at all possible, but there are times when a tooth has to be extracted to keep you healthy. Crowded teeth, severely infected teeth, and teeth that have loosened due to gum disease may be weakening your bite structure.

Implant Placement

The implant process is performed in-house from start to finish, but placement is where it all begins. An implant post is surgically placed in your jaw by Dr. Diehl or Dr. Feasel, where it will be left to heal for several weeks before it can be completed with a crown restoration.

Bone Grafting

The purpose of bone grafting is to supplement the strength of the jawbone, which can build a solid base to host a dental implant for patients who would not otherwise be successful implant candidates due to bone loss or atrophy.

Root Canals

Root canals are a surgical procedure in which Dr. Ghori removes an infection from inside the tooth chamber, sterilizes and seals the tooth, then tops the tooth off with a restoration, such as a crown.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction involves replacement or rebuilding of all the teeth in the mouth, which usually involves several different types of dental procedures. We will work closely with you to design a customized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

We offer sedation dentistry options and extra amenities, such as weighted blankets, for your optimal comfort during oral surgery. If you think you may need oral surgery and would like to find out what Dupont Family Dentistry can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call us at (260) 489-1100, or schedule a consultation online.