Why Do Kids Need Space Maintainers?

If your child loses a tooth too soon or needs a baby tooth extracted due to decay, Dupont Family Dentistry may recommend space maintainers to support their dental health.

Space maintainers are custom-made acrylic or metal dental appliances that can either be removable or cemented into the mouth. Their purpose is to keep the space open for the future permanent tooth or teeth. Baby teeth are essential to the development of permanent teeth, jawbones and muscles, which guide those adult teeth into the place absent baby teeth once were. 

If there is no space for permanent teeth to grow, teeth can shift drastically enough for orthodontics to be needed. Not every child with premature baby tooth loss needs space maintainers, but a consultation with Dupont Family Dentistry is advisable to see if a space maintainer is the best solution.

Dupont Family Dentistry can also advise you about best practices for eating habits and oral hygiene for fixed space maintainers. Your child should be seen regularly by their dentist or orthodontist to monitor the space maintainer’s progress and keep their professional cleaning appointments with Dupont Family Dentistry. 

If you think your child may need a space maintainer, get in touch with Dupont Family Dentistry today!

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